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At 3DSourced we’ve covered everything 3D printing and 3D since 2017. Our team has interviewed the most innovative 3D printing experts, tested and reviewed more than 20 of the most popular 3D printers and 3D scanners to give our honest recommendations, and written more than 500 3D printing guides over the last 5 years.

At 3DSourced we’re dedicated to creating the most informative 3D printing content. Part of this involves detailed guides on how 3D printing works, and we have written several guides on how different 3D printing technologies work.

To make our guides easier to digest, we’ve re-released all our technology guides as a free download 3D printing eBook PDF file.

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Our 3D Printing eBook Features:

Since we first began to publish content on 3D printing and additive manufacturing we’ve been blown away by the support we’ve received. We’re stunned and infinitely grateful to have been able to make even the tiniest change in all of your lives with accessible 3D printing information, and 3DSourced has grown to become far more than we had ever expected.

In searching for ways to make our content as accessible as possible, we naturally landed on the 3D printing eBook format. We view these technology posts as some of the most important we’ve created in educating the world about such an important technology for the future, but understandably some may not have time to read them in one sitting, or want to read them without ads (though they do keep us going!). Therefore, we’re releasing them ad-free as a free download 3D printing eBook available offline.

When we write more guides and as the technology advances, we’ll update our eBook to reflect the latest changes. Additionally, if you have any ideas for extras we should add to improve this 3D printing eBook, feel free to let us know by getting in contact.

At 3DSourced we understand that for new beginners — or even experienced makers! — 3D printing can be intimidating without the right info. We strive to make 3D printing information as simple to access and understand as possible, and try to communicate even the most technical parts in plain english.

As part of our commitment to making information easy to access, we have re-released all of our technologies guides collated together as one cohesive 3D printing eBook. It contains every major 3D printing technology, but if you’re only looking for information on a few, feel free to skip through!

We wanted to make 3D printing information as easy to access as possible, and feel a free download would allow our readers to read these guides offline, as one collated resource.

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