3D Printer Rankings

best open source 3d printer guide

6 Best Open Source 3D Printers 2023 (With Links To Designs)

Open source previously meant users had permission to use and modify software code, and improve it however they wished. Today, the best open-source 3D printers allow you to tweak and improve them, … Read more

3d printer table desk surface stand

Best 3D Printer Tables and Stands in 2023

There’s something about buying new tech that makes us want to give it the perfect place to sit. Every new phone comes with wondering what kind of case you’ll get for it, … Read more

Creality Ender 3 Neo vs V2 Neo vs Max Neo

Ender 3 Neo vs V2 Neo vs Max Neo [Compared]

Officially launched in 2018, the Ender 3 series has raised the bar for budget 3D printers and became the choice of many, from professionals to beginners. The Ender 3 Neo series launched … Read more

Coolest Things to 3D Print 2023 Featured Image Articulated Dragon Gyarados and Shiny Gyarados

The 56+ Coolest Things To 3D Print in 2023

3D printers are marvelous things. With enough imagination, creativity, and patience, you can 3D print countless awesome and useful things. Because of this, it’s hard to decide on where to begin or … Read more

best camera for 3d printers

Top 5 Best Cameras For 3D Printers 2023 (In All Price Ranges)

Ever wondered at what point it all went wrong? No, we’re not just being philosophical about our lives — we mean in the unrecognizable mess that was supposed to be your latest … Read more

3 Best Carbon Fiber Filaments 2023 (Nylon & PETG)

3 Best Carbon Fiber Filaments 2023 (Nylon & PETG)

Just a few short years ago, 3D printers were restricted to just your regular PLA and ABS filaments on any machine costing less than $30,000 or so. Now, you’re able to print … Read more

3 in 1 3d laser printer buyers guide

3 Best 3 in 1 3D Printers in 2023 (Laser & CNC!)

Ideally, we would all own one machine that could complete every manufacturing task required – a 3D laser printer that printed, laser cut, CNC carved, and more. While not quite there yet, … Read more

Best 3D Printer Controller Boards

5 Best 3D Printer Controller Boards in 2023 (All Prices)

Not all 3D printer controller boards are created equal. On many older budget printers, basic controller boards limit your printing possibilities. This is why controller board upgrades are so popular, opening the … Read more

free 3d modeling software for beginners

12 Best Free 3D Modeling Software (For Beginners) 2023

There are now hundreds of different free 3D modeling software tools for users looking to create their own 3D models – so it can be tricky to know where to start. 3D … Read more

best sites to download stl files 3d printer files and models

16 Best Sites for STL Files & 3D Printer Models 2023 (Free & Premium)

Not everyone has the time to spend 10’s of hours designing new print models. Sometimes, you just want to just print something cool. Luckily, downloading amazing STL files for free has never … Read more

free cad software for 3d printing

Best Free CAD Software for 3D Printing in 2023 (All Skill Levels)

When it comes to free CAD software for 3D printing, we’re spoiled for choice. Nowadays, there are plenty of free programs to help you bring your 3d print projects to life. I’ve … Read more

best 3d printer slicer ranking

10 Best 3D Slicer Software 2023 (6 Are Free!)

If you want to make sure your prints come out looking perfect, you’ll need to make sure you have the right 3D slicer to send your models from. The best 3D slicer … Read more

best 3d animation software guide

7 Best 3D Animation Software 2023 (Free & Easy Picks)

Animation is a fantastic skill to have in the modern world, with the demand for 3D artists and animators higher than ever before. You can use the best 3D animation software to … Read more

Best Resin 3D Slicer Comparison Cover

6 Best Resin Slicers for 3D Printers 2023 (SLA/DLP/LCD)

Most people hear the phrase 3D slicer and think of FDM 3D printers. There are far fewer resin 3D slicers specifically devoted to SLA, DLP, or LCD 3D resin printers. CHITUBOX Free … Read more

best architecture design modeling software

10 Best 3D Architecture Software 2023 (Design Tools)

Using the best 3D architecture software will help take the stress out of visualizing, creating, and rendering building designs. Over the past couple of years, I’ve tested plenty of powerful drawing and … Read more

6 Best 3D Character Creator Software (Free Model Maker)

There are many different types of software that are used for creating 3D characters. Check out the 6 best 3D character creator software options available. These programs offer a variety of tools and features that allow you to create realistic 3D models with ease.

Best Car Design Software

Best Car Design Software in 2023: 2D & 3D Apps

We usually discuss 3D modeling software in relation to 3D printing, but it has a wide range of uses across many industries, including car design. You don’t need a special car designing … Read more

Best Shoe Design Software

5 Best 3D Shoe Design Software in 2023 (Free Online Apps)

Whether you’re an aspiring designer, sneaker fan, or entrepreneur, shoe design software makes it easier than ever to model and even 3D print your own footwear. However, there are tons of options … Read more

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